Rewari Tourism

Rewari is a well connected place from the capital city, Delhi and the urban sector, Gurgaon. Coming to Rewari thus is a different experience altogether as you will find here extreme quietness and a mix of old and new. It cannot be said that Rewari is not in pace with current times, but there is a yet a lot of development to be made. Thus, it gives you a completely different feel, but continues to be an important part of Haryana.

Tourism is not at its best, but there is definitely great scope. So far, people visit the city for its temples, as religious factor remains supreme. Other than this, you will find many heritage sites in Rewari most of which are small ponds, monuments or places of historical significance. Therefore, one’s experience here will be more of a learning, adventurous one.

Rewari Tourism

Travel in Rewari

Commuting within Rewari or to nearby cities is fairly easy. Since the roads are connected to three national highways, there remains traffic but one can make their way taking any of the following means of traveling.

Buses in Rewari

Buses are regarded as the best way to travel within the city and from it to other locations. There are several bus routes and even the service at the bus station is very quick. Since it is such an important part of short and long distance traveling, one can be sure to get all the details at the bus station. With the bus fare being reasonable and distances being easily covered, it remains the most popular traveling means in the city.

Rewari Bus Stand
Kayasthwara Mohalla, Rewari, Haryana- 123110
Phone: 01274-256751

Travel in Rewari

Auto Rickshaws in Rewari

Autos in Rewari is not an uncommon sight. The only difference you will note is people comfortably share the fare and thus it becomes very economical. From one person taking an auto, you will see 3-4 or more people sharing it, thus dividing the fare. This way, more people are accommodated in one go.

Taxis in Rewari

For those who seek comfortable rides to their workplace, markets and other routine work can easily book a cab. Cab service is provided at all times and is just a call away. You can pay based on the fare meter which remains fixed based on kilometers covered. Taxis can also be hired to travel to neighboring cities. People often travel from Rewari to Gurgaon and Delhi in these so that they reach comfortably and safely.

Rewari Tourism Information
Haryana Govt. Tourist Bureau, 36, Janpath
Chanderlok Building, New Delhi
Phone: 011-23324910-11
Email : [email protected]

Best Time to Visit Rewari

Best Time to Visit Rewari

October to March is the best time to visit Rewari. With summers being extreme and monsoons prone to heavy rainfall, this frame marks end of monsoon and beginning of winter. The temperature is pleasant in the beginning and end and in between you will face cold winds. The city remains at its best during this time and you can stay warm during the day with not so harsh sun rays like the summers.

Places to visit in Rewari

The places of visit in Rewari are limited, but of great experience. Right from the Rewari Heritage Steam Locomotive Museum to the heritage ponds and sights, there is still a whole lot to see if not a huge amount. Other important places include:
  • Baag Wala Talab
  • Baba Bhairon Nath Ashram
  • Bada Talab
  • Rao Tula Ram Memorial

    Places to Visit in Rewari

Religious Places in Rewari

The religious places in Rewari are marked by reverence to various gods and goddesses. Most of these temples have not only religious significance, but historical too. These religious spots remain the major highlight of the city.
  • Baba Purshotam Das Temple
  • Baba Raghunath Temple
  • Bhagwat Bhakti Ashram
  • Ghanteshwar Mandir
  • Lal Masjid
  • Pillar of Gurawada
  • Saragvi Temple
  • Shree Ram Sharanam
  • Swami Sharnanad Temple

Parks in Rewari

Parks in Rewari comprise of spacious gardens which somehow take you back to the Mughal period. This was an era where gardens remained a great highlight as kings and queens walked in their free time. These gardens remain intact even today and are used by commoners for leisure purposes and as part of a heritage site as well.
  • Krishna Garden
  • Township Park
  • Lalitha Memorial

Shopping in Rewari

The markets in Rewari are pretty well accustomed to serve the people of the city. You can find almost everything you need at different stores located across the city. When it comes to malls, the city has BMG Mall which is the major hub. With Rewari being a developing city, new malls are to be constructed within 2014 and they aim to give this city shopping and entertainment experience in the best possible way. This definitely ensures that there is a lot more to happen in this city, but even with its current infrastructure, it remains a good spot.

Markets in Rewari

  • Huda Market
  • Gokul Bazaar
  • Punjabi Market
  • Brass Market

Eating Out in Rewari

When it comes to places to eat in Rewari, you are bound to find several options. Right from fancy restaurants to full-of-rush dhabas, there is everything at your disposal in the city. These food places include names like Athiti, Vaishno dhaba, Navratan Restaurant, Mini Mahal Hotel and so on. These multi cuisine restaurants are well seated and provide soothing experience that goes along with a complete meal.

Eating Out in Rewari

Some more popular names are:
  • Sagar Ratna
  • Pops One Restaurant
  • Hiway Zaika
  • Nanak Restaurant
  • Shree SAI Restaurants
  • Jannat Dhaba
  • New Bikaneri Restaurant

Hotels in Rewari

Apart from giving you a great eating experience, your stay is also well looked after. From three to one starred hotels, you will find it all in Rewari based on your budget. Heritage hotels are also a part of this city which is not just a great place to stay, but one to experience as well.

Hotels in Rewari

Some of the famous hotels in the city are:
  • Hotel Heritage Haveli
  • Hotel Maharaja 
  • Rao Hotel
  • Hotel Link Palace
  • Hotel Green Chilli
  • Friends Hotels
  • Hotel Sagar

Places to Visit Near Rewari

With Rewari being well connected with other cities and there being several ways to commute, one can head over to many cities from here. Some of the popular ones being:
  • Delhi
  • Faridabad
  • Gurgaon
  • Hisar
  • Rohtak
  • Chandigarh

How to Reach Rewari

In order to reach Rewari, you can take the following means. Since the connectivity is good, you will find it very easy to find ways that lead you in the heart of Haryana.

How to Reach Rewari

Rewari by Air

The closest airport to Rewari is the Indira Gandhi International Airport. At a distance of about 65-70 kilometers, one can easily book a can from here to Rewari post landing. The cab can be called on the spot (you may have to wait for sometime) or best booked in advanced based on your arrival. With Delhi being at such a comfortable distance, the air facility can thus be used to reach Rewari in less time as well.

Rewari by Train

Right from Delhi to parts of Punjab and other famous cities of India, trains from and to Rewari are direct and in various directions. The trains leave at suitable times and reach well in time to have you at your destination. The same can be applied to reach this well connected city which has its own railway junction which sees many passengers traveling on a daily basis.

How to Reach Rewari

Rewari by Road

For many people, the most convenient way to reach Rewari is by road. This includes taking a bus, booking a cab or simply driving to the city. The roads are very well maintained and smooth your ride. Buses can be taken from your city to Rewari as there are several bus routes leading to and from the city. With Rewari being connected to three national highways, the roads lead to Delhi, Mumbai, parts of Punjab and Haryana.
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