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Society in Rewari

Poverty, illness, ignored social conditions are problems which remain common to many of India’s corners. Pick one city and many problems will follow. The reason is not the lack of efforts, but a lack of check. In turn what gets affected is the well being of the people and the reason why they have come for help in the first place.

Society in Rewari

Welfare in any city is not just the job of the government, but also that of its people. Keeping this is in mind, many noble souls across the country do their bit through Non Government Organizations (NGO). These NGOs may not have fancy offices in different parts of the country, but have various mediums to remain active and reach out to the people who need them the most. Since there remains a financial crunch for them, mediums like theater, charity, awareness campaigns are used in order to target more and more people and make social welfare an absolute reality.

Women Welfare Societies in Rewari

In Rewari there are many NGOs active for various causes. It may not be in their capacity to deal with every issue, but they try and pick a couple and deal with it completely. Women rights and issues have not been new to this part of the country. Where some women from this very region have prospered, there are those who remain trapped in the social taboos.

Women Welfare Societies in Rewari
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For their betterment and awareness are societies and NGOs which provide them support. The purpose of these places is not only to give these women a support system but also to allow them to grow in their respective sphere. Women no matter where, are big parts of our society and with them is the essence of any growth. Playing an active role in Rewari these societies have managed to bring about noticeable change with a long way ahead and steady approach for women development and welfare.

Old Age Welfare Societies in Rewari

Respecting and loving our elderly is a must for any prosperous society. Their hand on our heads means honest blessings and something of utmost reverence. But, many times it is seen that our elderly don’t get their due respect and are mistreated. For them, it is a setback as they have given their entire life for our well being and growth. Dr B R Ambedkar Gram Vikas Seva Samiti is one such society among many, which looks towards the welfare of the elderly.

These charitable trusts are opened in order to look after the needs of those who have no one to look after them. Here, this very section of the society among others is made self sufficient through various programs and given new reasons to rejoice the beauty of life.

Old Age Welfare Societies in Rewari
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Environmental Welfare Societies in Rewari

The better our surroundings, the better life will be for us. This is not just a line but a fact that is well lived. In our chase to achieve the easy and more lucrative goals, we forget the basic one, our environment. It is not something that demands a lot of effort, but yes, it needs due attention. In Rewari there is a constant effort towards environmental growth. Trees are being planted wherever possible, plants have been given equal importance and their care is taken under control. Not just this but the government has helped equally in promoting such measures. Schools are working in this direction by teaching students to love their surroundings and work towards its growth.

Environmental Welfare Socities in Rewari
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Thus, through several NGOs and charitable societies, Rewari has managed to and is continuing to bring a positive change. The social welfare of the people is seen and growth as a result of this is the direct outcome.

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    Sewa Bharti Rewari from REWARI 882 Days ago

    provide free education to the poor children specially in jhugi jhopri and urban slum areas. arrange stiching training centres for widows and poor ladies. self help groups for poor ladies

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