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Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary in Rewari

Rewari has several mesmerizing tourist destinations. Amusement parks and wildlife sanctuaries tops the list. This article includes facts and figures about a famous sanctuary of Rewari, Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary. This article covers some of the important facts about Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary. Let us find what these facts are.

Inside Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

History of Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

Rewari district of Haryana consists of Nahar Block which has several villages and Gram Panchayats under it. Since the wildlife sanctuary is located in this place it is named after Nahar. History says that this sanctuary was named after King Nahar Singh of Faridabad district in 19th century. This sanctuary is located at a distance of 5 km from Kosali on the Kosali-Mahendragarh road.

Significance of Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

In today’s world when natural resources and species are getting extinct day by day Haryana hosts some wildlife sanctuaries which promote some of the endangered species. Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary is the abode for different endangered species. Black Buck is one such endangered animal that is becoming rare day by day. Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary is the abode for several Black Bucks.

Birds in Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

Apart from being the abode for different imperil species Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary promotes nature awareness. The government of Haryana has taken different steps in this regard in order to save the jeopardized. There are several campaigns that take place in this sanctuary which promotes education and natural awareness on endangered species and how important it is to protect and save those.

Interesting Facts on Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

At the present time Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary is all set to receive the “Eco-Sensitive” status for itself. It is great news for environmentalists and nature lovers. The Ministry of Environment has issued a draft recently mentioning this proposal. The draft mainly states that the “Eco Sensitive Zone” will extend up to 5kms. Some of the important points mentioned in the draft proposal are highlighted. There must be a Zonal Master Plan for the Eco Sensitive space which must contain details about the present scenario of the Sanctuary. The draft must contain a measure on the activities that undergoes inside the Sanctuary. This includes Industrial interference, Construction Units, Mining and many more.

Flora and Fauna of Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

There are several different floras and fauna in Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary let us find out what are those. As mentioned earlier, Black Buck is one of major attraction of this sanctuary. Other animals that are present in this sanctuary are Jackals, Foxes, and Monitor Lizards.

Fauna of Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

The dense green forest of the surrounding area makes the place even more attractive and beautiful.

How to Reach Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary

When you are planning to visit Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary then you must know different ways to reach. Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary is 40 km away from Rewari district of Haryana. It takes nearly an hour to reach Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary from Rewari. Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary is 100 km away from Delhi and the best way to reach this Sanctuary from Delhi is via Jhajjar. The nearest railway station of Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary is Tehsil Kosli which is only 6 km away. There are several bus services that connect different parts of Haryana with Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary. There are buses available from Delhi and other district head quarters. ISBT Buses are also available from several regions that take you to Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary.

We hope that it was a successful effort from our part in jotting down all the details about Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary. We hope that this article was helpful for you. When you are planning to pay a visit to this beautiful Sanctuary of Haryana then you can go through this article. Any other suggestions about Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary are highly appreciated. We would like to know about your feedback regarding your visit to this beautiful Sanctuary of Haryana.

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