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Metal Works Industries in Rewari

Rewari is one of the fastest developing cities of the north Indian state of Haryana. The city has seen tremendous growth in the past decade. A large part of this development is courtesy the metal work industry of Rewari. It is famous for its traditional metalwork industry, especially brass work. The detailing and fine quality is the main highlight of the products of the metal work industries of Rewari. Experts believe that the brass industry began around 1535, with the help of Portuguese. During the time of Hemu, cannons were cast in Rewari for the army of Sher Shah Suri.

Metal Industry in Rewari

Although there are varieties of industries in Rewari, but the most famous are metal work industries. The other industries of the region include – cottage industries and small scale integrated industries. The region is famous for its metal industry all over north India. The traditional industries of Rewari are brass metalwork and ornamental shoes (Tiledar Jooti). The craftsmen of the region have kept the traditional art of Tilledar Jooti alive and it is famous for such ornamental local shoes. In addition to these traditional industries, the Harley Davidson industry also comes under Rewari district.

Customs Associated with Metal Work in Rewari

The metalwork industry of Rewari is around 450 years old. Over the years the type of products may have changed, but the overall feel to it hasn’t changed much. The industries have become a part of the culture and traditions of the region. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that these industries have become the unique identity of Rewari.

Most of the products are made of brass and are of utilitarian and cultural value. As per some local customs it is said that during a marriage the groom used to gift the girl’s family a kund and the girl’s family was supposed to gift the groom 11, 21 or 51 brass utensils as dowry. This custom became a part of the culture of the region and is followed even today. Till date every marriage that takes place in 50 km from the city these ceremonies are performed and the brass utensils are supplied from the Rewari Mandi only.

Metal Product Range

metal work industries in RewariThere are different kinds of products produced in these industries. But some of the most common ones include the following –
  • Tokni – Tokni is one of the most significant pieces of the meal work industries of Rewari. It is a metal pitcher and was one of the first products of these industries.

  • Patili or Dekchi – It resembles Tokni, but the height of the Dekchi is much lesser than that of a Tokni. A Patili or Dekchi is usually used to cook vegetables.

  • Parat – Parat as it is called in the local language is a huge plate with raised peripheral walls.

  • Kund – Kund is a huge cylindrical tank used to store water.
The main advantage of all the products is that they are all utility based rather than just being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Thus, they can be easily used in our day to day life.

Metal Craftsmen

Metal work industry is one of the prime industries of the area. Most of the craftsmen working in the brass industries belong to “Thatera” or “Khasera” community. The roots of these communities can be traced to Kishangarh in Rajasthan. The work is generally inherited from father to son and does not require any training. The process of manufacturing is not complicated and there in no division of labor involved. You would be amazed to know that the entire process of making a utensil excluding its finishing and hammering is completed by one craftsman. There is no complicated setup required. Thus, one can notice craftsmen sitting in front of their houses and selling brass utensils.

Brass utensils have been a part of our Indian traditions. But in the modern world, this tradition is slowly being lost. The metal work craftsmen of Rewari are trying hard to keep this dying form alive and kicking.

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