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History of Rewari

The city of Rewari is set to be founded by Nand Ram who belonged to a community called Ahir. Members of this group are linked to the Yadav community. The Ahirs have said to be rulers of many parts of the country and said to belong to a certain tribe or a community. It was this man who came to be associated with Rewari, a city which got its name is inspired by a king’s daughter, Rewari. From the time it was founded till decades to follow, there have been immense changes in this quiet city but there have also been many significant battles. 

Medieval History of Rewari

Medieval History of Rewari

With the fight for land and power being prevalent from a long time, Rewari was blessed with strong leaders. Samrat Vikramaditya was one such leader who fought mightily and went on to be the last Hindu King. Vikramaditya has also defeated Akbar during the battle and helped the Hindus gain order. During his rule Rewari saw much development and the result of the growth can be witnessed even today. The process wasn’t a rapid one like other parts of the state of Haryana, but was worth every step. Vikramaditya as a Hindu emperor focused on the emergence of industries and could foresee the massive progress there is going to be in the times to follow. What he saw did happen and the result was glorious.

The Revolt of 1857 and History of Rewari

Rewari city played a significant role during the Revolt of 1847. Rao Tula Rama was a leader who fought stoically from Rewari and gained immense respect as a leader. It was his good administration and presence that led Britishers out of the Haryana land, at least during the war period. He successfully contributed in Delhi and was regarded as a strong leader from Rewari. It is because of his contribution that a memorial was built to honor him and rests at peace till date in Rewari. With the battle over and the development process beginning, Rewari began to develop steadily.

Rezang La Battle (1962) in the History of Rewari

Battles in Rewari

With Rewari having had a taste of battles and deaths in the previous century, the mid 1990’s too wasn’t a happy sight. During the Sino-Indian war which took place in 1962, Rezang la sight witnessed deaths of many Indian and Chinese soldiers. In the memory of those who lost their lives, memorial service is conducted every year to remember the heroes and their sacrifice. Heroes were born out of this but many deaths took place the grief of which continue to haunt many families.

Rewari over the years witnessed significant battles which go down in the history of India. As a result, the state always stayed noticed and played its part, especially during the fight against British rule. With heroes born, lives were lost but Rewari as a city always stayed united. Even today, many sites at the prime positions remember these leaders. Even with modern buildings taking over and development in process, heritage sites which are related to the kings and queens who belonged to this land, still stand strong and much visited.

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