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Health in Rewari

With Rewari located close to metros like Delhi and Gurgaon, there is a great possibility to reach out to the best in healthcare. But, for those who remain within the city, cannot afford to travel and need immediate attention, the city provides many efficient options. These comprise of the hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, specialized centers which take extreme care of you allowing speedy recovery. The hospitals in Rewari are both government and private. The services are up to the mark with most providing the same twenty four hours. These hospitals are spread across the region so that everyone can access healthcare facilities. Regular checkups to treatments can be exercised here under the trusted directions of the expert doctors.

Health in Rewari

Hospitals in Rewari

For the welfare of the people, the administration of Rewari city runs a civil hospital. This hospital consists of the best available amenities that reach out to the people as and when needed. There are special wards and when admitted to the hospital, the staff looks after all your medical needs and other supervision. Following a similar care procedure is the Railway hospital. It is not as spacious as the former, but consists of good care system and efficient services and staff management.

Hospitals in Rewari

With these two government hospitals looking after the needs of the people, there are well to do private hospitals which provide extreme care. Hospitals like Metro Hospital, Galaxy Hospital, Kalawati Hospital are some of the finest private hospitals that you will come across in the city. The private hospitals have advance services and some of the leading expertise to help patients with quick recovery. With some private hospitals you will also find trauma centers and special wards for particular checkups and treatment.

Nursing Homes in Rewari

Rewari has few active but highly proficient nursing homes. These nursing homes look after the complete care of the patients who are admitted at the center. The staff ensures that patients’ needs are looked after at each time and they not only feel well but enjoy the atmosphere of the place. This is also important because one never knows how long it may take for a certain delivery, care and so on. Yadav Mohalla and Model Town are some areas within the city which have well to do nursing homes which can be chosen for special care. Like all nursing homes, twenty four into seven service is provided for the patients and visitor timings are also listed, so that the patient remains in extreme care. 

Nursing Homes in Rewari

The following nursing homes in Rewari are best suited for personal care of the patients along with their treatment. Here you will find all the necessary facilities along with 24x7 attention given to all those admitted. The nursing homes in Rewari are:

Arora Nursing Home
115 -R, Model Towen, Guru Chok,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9896324500, 9896325500, 1274-224500

DR. Saxena Nursing Home & Maternity Centre
Rewari, Circular Road,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 1274-255920

Sheila Yadav Nursing Home
Kayasthwara Mohalla
Rewari, Haryana

Fitness Centers in Rewari

One’s fitness no matter what age should never be ignored. Keeping the same in mind, Rewari has a number of fitness centers which offer people of all ages, health and fitness means. Yes, be it a session at the gym, a cardio workout with a trainer to even aerobics for young girls and elderly ladies, these centers have it all.
Fitness Centers in Rewari

Some fitness centers even have a spa where you can relax yourself after a steady exercise. For those who want to control their diets and make it balance the exercise, you can easily get in touch with experts at these centers. They will give you a clear flowchart of what should be eaten and this will in turn match your exercise.

Rewari Fitness Service

Rewari, even though it is close to metros rests self sufficient and has some of the leading services in healthcare for its residents.

Chemists in Rewari

Here is a list of Chemists located in Rewari:

Rao Medical Store
Nr Shiv Chowk, Old Court Rd,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9416424834

Rohit Medical Store
Nai Wali Chowk,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 1274-225330

Chouhan Medical Store

Bawal, Pran Pura Rd,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9466872318

Balaji Medical Store
Rohrai More, Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 8607789509, 8059499899

Tehram & Sons Medical Store
Moti Chowk Rewari,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 1274-253266

Vidhya Medical Store
Banipur Chowk, Rewari Rd,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9812761414

Gautam Medical Store
Double Fattak Market, Rewari,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9992472351, 1274-224277

Shri Hari Medical Store
Railway Rd Main Chowk Koshali,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9466093109

Rajendra Medical Store
Surekha Hospital, Ghari Bolni Rd,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9416877543

Pradeep Medicals Store
Opp Kamla Hospital,
Pran Pura Rd, Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9466882091

Kumar Medical Store
Rewari Road Guriani Rewari,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9896165353

Shiv Heart Care And Medical Store
109, Brass Mkt, Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9812172941, 1274-220799, 222069

Shri Shyam Medical Store
New Sabji Mandi Rewari,
Shop 26 B, Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 1274-224608

OM Hair Care Medical Store
Model Town, Rewari, Old Cota Road,
Rewari Haryana, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 1274-222811

Anil Medical Store
Rewari Rd, Bareli Kla,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9416980330

Sachin Medical Store
Nr Temple, Bawal, Naicha Rd,
Rewari H O, Rewari - 123401
Phone: 9466783972

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