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Food in Rewari

In the way a city’s culture and history help define it, the food too plays an equally important part in knowing a place. Food of any city, big or small, talks about the taste and liking of the people. A fact well known is that Indians prefer spicy food while the Americans like it non spicy. With this you instantly know what a particular type of people like largely thus connecting with the people and understanding their food choices.

Food in Rewari
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In a city like Rewari food varieties come in its share. Most of the restaurants prepare food similar to that made in one’s house; the taste remains very simple and earthier in nature. You can find yourself ordering anything between a wholesome Indian cuisine thali to digging into a plate full of continental cuisine. Mughlai, South Indian remains one of the favorite of the people who relish these cuisines with a refreshing approach each time they visit.

Sweets and Snacks in Rewari

In Rewari you can easily spot a sweets shop. These will be small shops which sell a limited variety of sweets or a relatively bigger one with a seating arrangement too. The prices differ according to the shop, but each one has a different taste and speciality to it, thus making it so popular. Located in the prime spots like Salhawas Rd, Circular Rd, Dharuhera Rewar, Rewari H O, Model Town there is a great variety to try out. The sweets include kaju katli, rewri, jalebi, pateesa, laddu, chikki and much more. Residents get these yummy sweets packed during festivals as they are exchanged in different households on such occasions. A dash of something sweet is always considered a good start and a place like Rewari is full of many sweet surprises that you can witness.

Sweets in Rewari
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At these sweet shops mostly you will find a snack corner too. These snacks are basically Indian in nature like samosas, kulchas, kachoris, bhel puri and so on. The ingredients include spicy products and chutneys that add more flavour to these snacks. Rewari offers you this delight at these shops and on the street too. Yes, there are many gol gappa corners and tikki stands that you will find here which make lip smacking quick snacks.

Sweets and Snacks in Rewari
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Restaurants in Rewari

In Rewari most of the restaurants that you find are basically family restaurants serving Indian cuisine. Even though you will find many of such restaurants, be sure that there is a variety still served and looked after. Restaurants here also serve Mughlai food which is again a favourite of the people.
South Indian food is another cuisine thoroughly enjoyed in the city. Sagar Ratna chains and other local South Indian serving restaurants are there to add to the variety. Many of these restaurants provide home delivery services. So if there is a party, guests who surprise visit you, food can be ordered in no time.

Snacks in Rewari

Dhabas in Rewari

The Dhaba restaurant culture of Haryana is something that is famous in Rewari too. This is so because it is something that we see in various parts of Harayana and its neighbouring Punjab. The dhabas are not open air easting places, but are well maintained restaurants which offer simple yet sumptuous Indian food. The food here is worth trying. While most dhabas serve pure veg food like many restaurants in Rewari, you will find those too which have non vegetarian meals.

Fast Food in Rewari

The fast food culture picked it pace pretty well in Rewari. Also, with the city moving rapidly towards urbanisation, these chains are welcomed more than ever before. Famous pizza delivery place Dominos to coffee shops serving fast food and other local fast food chains remain popular in the city.

Fast Food in Rewari

For the youngsters here who are moving towards Delhi and Gurgaon when it comes to their choices, fast food in Rewari is a relief. This is something that matches their taste and they relish the burgers, subs, pizzas, wraps and so on much more than the regular people. All in all, Rewari may not be the leading city in food variety but within its capacity it has a lot to offer and is moving towards many more fine changes in food and otherwise.

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