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Eye-Q Hospital in Rewari

Eyes, unlike other parts of the body are extremely delicate which further makes its care all the more essential. Giving hope to those facing eye related ailments and seeking immediate cure of the Eye-Q: Super Specialty Eye Hospital in Rewari. With centers in many parts of the country like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Gujarat, it has also access in many parts of Haryana, with Rewari included in the same.

Eye-Q Hospital in Rewari

About Eye-Q Hospital in Rewari

As a specialized hospital in eye care, the hospital offers everything possible towards eyes; maintaining good vision to overcoming eye allergies, infections of sorts, major operations leading to complete relief and clear sight. As mentioned above, eyes are very delicate and the same follows for its care. For this, the hospital has a host of specialized and well experienced doctors who know about the delicacies and treatment of the eyes. All efforts of the team and every member of the hospital forms towards given clear vision in the literal sense. The facilities at the hospital too are modern, well equipped and available at all times for the patient’s support and care.

Services by Eye-Q Hospital in Rewari

  • Complete Check: The hospital provides a complete eye check up which is not a regular test but a detailed one. The test is divided into parts which check the eyes on separate parameters. The result therefore of every level examined is studied by the expert doctors who then reveal the cause of disorder, if any. Thus, with this detailed examination if there are doubts they can be cleared and if something at all comes up can be cured immediately.

  • Spectacle Removal: Among us we see many people who wear spectacles. Now wearing them is not a problem but where the problem lies is the reason. Sometimes, regular spectacles wearing can reduce your power but there are those too who have extremely high power. For them, once the glasses are off, the vision is close to zero. In such cases and for those who never want to reach this situation the hospital provides spectacle removal services. With this, right measures are taken and care provided in order to give you spectacles free eyes.

  • Overcome Infections/Disorders: Since the hospital deals in eye care, the specialized doctors provide all possible means to overcome eye disorders. This includes infections both big and small. The doctors are very well equipped and as soon as the problem is detected, the care begins. Results in the past have shown speedy recovery in cases of glaucoma, cataract and more.

  • Children Care: The hospital pays special attention to the children too. With eye weakness being a common problem with the children, it may simply worsen as they grow up. Thus, understanding the problem and ably managing to reduce it at the right time, doctors at the hospital work towards a spate division for the young ones. Here, they are looked after with extreme care and provided with all possible advice and treatments for disorders, spectacle removal, and clear sight.

  • Great Interaction: Services at the hospital also include medical claim cashless services, optical services and guidance towards wearing spectacles, lenses and other eye related queries. The doctors handle every query with utmost importance and provide all methods needed to take care of the eyes. Even though spectacles and lenses are an option, the aim remains to get them removed and give clear vision with no hindrance.

    Services by Eye-Q Hospital in Rewari

Spread in some of the most important parts of the country, the presence of Eye-Q: Super Specialty Eye Hospital in Rewari gives the people a great boost when it comes to healthcare. Eye related treatments need to be immediate as anything going wrong with vision leads to a lot of pain and mental commotion. With a sight, one feels restless and the pain is incomparable. Thus, the services provided by the hospital, some of which are listed above thus make vision a clear reality in Rewari.


Address: Eye-Q Super Specialty Eye Hospitals
Garhi Bolini Chowk, Circular Road,
Rewari, Haryana- 123401
Phone: 01274 252001/02/03

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