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Business in Rewari

For every growing city, business is of prime importance. The business opportunities created are not only limited to one’s personal growth, but to that of the city as a whole. In a state like Haryana, which is green and flourishing, there are many business opportunities. Rewari too in this context has the same. The city, largely known for its brass produce is known to be venturing in many other areas as well. This includes a business growth in real estate, construction, technology and more.

Industries in Rewari

Industries in Rewari

With Rewari being referred to as the ‘brass city’, it is needless to say that brass industry is the largest and most prominent here. The city is a hub for brass produce and manufacturing on a large scale. This occupies a large population within the town as well. Metal work particularly in brass is recognized as a traditional business in the city. Since it was present since a long time, the city has been able to maintain this growth and further develop it as a strong point for the development.

In Rewari, you will find brass works spread across the city. Not just in terms of major use in industries, but these metals are used to make products like plates, cups and other kitchen essentials. Along with this, the brass manufacturing is done to bring about products of decorative purpose in light too. So you can find anything from a brass candle stand, vase, to a showpiece.

Major Companies in Rewari

Companies in Rewari which are present at a prominent level comprise of anything between metal work, pharmaceuticals, and hospitality and leather industry. Some of the leading names in the city in these areas are, Agrawal Metal Works Pvt Ltd , Capsugel Healthcare Ltd, Klassik Lamitex Pvt Ltd to name a few. These companies have been present since long and have been able to create a niche for themselves.  The city, other than this also has emerging automobile companies and their units across Rewari and also in parts of the district in total. Thus, when seen the city may appear to be a small section of Haryana, but the level of development that is seen here marks great future prospects.
Major Companies in Rewari

List of Companies in Rewari

Following is the list of various companies in Rewari city:

RnA Web and Software Solutions
698-P, Sec-03, Part-1
Sec 3, Sector 3,
Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 09017333856

714, Kayasthwara
State Highway 26,
Kayasthwara Mohalla,
Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 01274-255257

Muthoot Finance LTD
First Floor, Property No. 6393-E1, Near Dharuhera Chowk,
Circular Road,
Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 1274-251453

Sanjivani Finance Company
Rao Sunder LAl Market, G-8,
Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 9416415083

Shriram Commercial Vehicle Finance
Ist Floor, Sco 111&112,
Brass Market,
Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 1274-222433

Nanno Design
Brass Market
Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 09467607078

Air India Cargo P&M Pvt Ltd
Shop/NO 37 Near Maharana Paratap chock,
Sector 1, Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 09529446613

Shree Balaji Insurance Point & Finance
Kamla Palace Basement, Dharuhera Chungi,
B-31, Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 9416714708

Excellent Packers and Logistics
Shahjahanpur Road,
State Highway 15, Company Bagh,
Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 098 11 865077

S.r. Group & Co.
Plot No-74c, Garhi Bolni Rd, Opp. Town Park, Rewari,
Sector-19, Near Rajesh Pilot Chowk,
Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 9728777222

Tsc Buildcon Pvt Ltd
2345, Housing Board Sector 4,
Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 9991110365

1st Floor, Everest Plaza,
Bhadwas Gate, Rewari, Haryana
Phone: 1274-320287

The above companies are either units or individual ones with their set up in Rewari. Contributing in their respective fields they continue to increase the revenue in the city by getting good business. The companies come in use in various ways in the lives of the people who contribute as clients or customers. All in all, there is a wide segment of companies in Rewari which add to the business in the city.

Local Business in Rewari

The local business scene in Rewari is a flourishing on as well. The businesses ranging from brass and other metal work, leather work to making of special Tilledar jutti can all be seen active in Rewari. These local businesses are also growing on a large scale and since they are special to the area, they gather much more attention from outside states.

People do visit Rewari all year round in order to get these products, be it handicraft, footwear, utensils and so on. In short, the local activities in the city are very active and generate a good business leading towards the welfare of the city. For those who are skilled workers, these opportunities help and they too can work out their living. The big businesses may not have space for unskilled labor, but small business set ups definitely accommodate the same and do well for them as well.

Infrastructure Companies and Real Estate in Rewari 

Real estate is a booming sector in Rewari. The prime reason for this is also the fact that the city is under much needed development, and there is great scope for the same. The fact that Rewari lies at a short distance from Delhi and Gurgaon, its development is bound to happen. In terms of real estate, there are many good properties to look out for in the region, for which many companies big and small have extended their services. Construction companies too are growing all out for there needs to be immense development in the city.

Infrastructure Companies and Real Estate in Rewari

With more companies opening, office complexes, residential areas have upped the real estate scene completely for the city. Therefore, in the years to come it can be seen as one important facet of Rewari in terms of development. Not just this, but since the city misses a very modern outlook, new malls, entertainment zones have all been chalked out for the years to come. This will therefore give Rewari a modern appeal and growth prospects as well.

Economy of Rewari

Rewari as a city is largely looked at as a brass work zone. This therefore forms the major revenue of the city. The economy is a growing one and the sectors which are present are all doing well. It is just so that brass work has been present for the longest and has been associated well with the region. Brass products are sold in wide numbers and the demand too remains high. In terms of development, there is a lot left that Rewari is yet to see. Tourism is another sector which is contributing to its economy, but it can be further developed and therefore efforts are being made to uplift the same. with the city being such a relevant one in time of war, there is great significance that helps the city to stay atop.

Economy of Rewari

Today, Rewari is competing with modern cities around it and is at its best to create multiple opportunities. In the years to come it is believed that many top industries will have their units in Rewari and the economy will see a major boost. The local trade too will see more development while the one's which are flourishing will venture into more projects.

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